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Windows are the face of your house; their design reflects your personality and delivers your style to the outside world. User friendliness should never be compromised so our innovative hardware technology provides your family the key to security and modern living. Atelier windows offers simplicity and delivers perfect harmony with both the architecture and the decoration of your house.

We offer innovative uPVC window designs that span the most popular types of windows in India, ranging from sliders and casement home windows to tilt-and-turns, and combination home windows.

Harnessing the advantages of symmetric profile VEKA windows provide the same visible aesthetics both from the inside and the outside of your house.

Casement Windows

Casement Window is the traditional window In which, the window pane is attached to the frame by one or more side hinges. It is the prime choice since early ages for houses, a casement window can open both outward and inwards, to the right or left, which allows user to completely open the window. It is available in single as well as double panes/sash, casement windows are extremely energy-efficient and are available in different designs to select from.

Features and Benefit

  • Traditional Window, window pane attached to frame by hinges

  • The stylish and contemporary casement windows are highly thermal-efficient

  • When closed, it provides superior sound and noise insulation

  • Our UPVC casement windows are very easy to clean and maintain because of innovative hardware and accessories

  • Casement windows offer high security with multi-lock points, grids, etc.

Casement window.jpg
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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows fundamentally comes in 2 designs: the two track and three track. They both have two or more than two horizontal sashes that are fitted with rollers at the base for smooth sideward track movement. It is very easy to operate, these windows offer a great amount of ventilation and panoramic views.

Windows can be pushed aside very easily, creating ample space to move through and entertain during those special family occasions. Heavy duty ball bearing roller provides smooth running and easy operation.

Features and Benefit

  • Sliding windows available in 2 sash (2 track) and 3 sash (3 track)

  • The uPVC sliding window offers increased ventilation.

  • uPVC sliding windows also comes with mesh which provides ventilation and security and keep bugs out.

  • Sliding window installation promises smooth functioning

  • With the help of ball bearing rollers the friction between the rollers in uPVC sliding windows is negligible

  • Sliding windows come with multi-track and sash options which offers design freedom and large doors can be fabricated

  • Hurricane bars can be installed for winds with high speed and monsoon tracks for massive downpours

Sliding Window.jpg
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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are extremely versatile windows. They have a sash that tilts and opens at a particular angle from the top, pivoting from the hinges at the base. The sash just like casement window can also swing towards the inside with side hinges. The design of this window provides high utility. So, irrespective of the fact that the tilt and turn window is large or small, you will get an aesthetically appealing window style. These windows provide dual benefits of ventilator and window. It is particularly popular as washroom and kitchen windows.

Features and Benefit

  • Window sash that can tilt to open

  • Is modern design and gives a contemporary look

  • Offers insulation, ventilation and brings in sunlight

  • Provides rain protection and draft-free ventilation

  • Offers ease of usage, and various modes to operate in

  • Has a turn position that increases ventilation, and also endure complete sealing from the outside world when closed

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Combination Window

As the name suggest a combination window can combine fixed, Casement and sliding window designs and is the integration of two or more windows. Combination windows can be of the same type such as fixed-slider or different types such as casement-casement or casement-slider.

It gives you freedom to design the window as per your requirement, preferences. It provides thermal insulation and sound insulation to your home.

Features and Benefit

  • Gives you freedom to design the windows as per requirement

  • Come equipped with a bug mesh to safeguard your house against insects

  • Give you a chance to play with different shapes, sizes, and styles

  • Have steel reinforced frames for extra strength

  • The sill arrangement and rain tracks help with rain insulation.

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Villa Windows

Villa Windows are the most elegant and traditional windows that offer all the features of UPVC Windows along with increased security. It is the only window that offers twin sash, a bug mesh, and grill built right into the design. These windows have been introduced especially for Indian homes and offer protection from various situations, including insects or theft without compromising on the ventilation. Villa window designs offers standard benefits of the casement window, combining them with aesthetics.

Features and Benefit

  • It offers twin sash which can open in any direction

  • It offers 2 types of sash: one of glass and the other of mesh

  • Provides high security with the help of grill built in the frame of the window

  • The bug mesh offers ventilation while keeping out the bugs

Villa Window.JPG
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Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are an imperative part of both residential setups and workplaces. They are also popularly called as picture windows. These are non-opening stationary windows that are designed to allow maximum light into a room and offer a panoramic view of the outside. There are ranges of glass that can be fixed starting from single glazed to triple glazed of various thicknesses. The designed glass also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the window which gives it a personalized look.

Features and Benefit

  • Allows for maximum sunlight to enter

  • Available in a plethora of colours and design

  • Keeps out noise, water, dust, heat, and pollution with the air-tight and water tight seals

  • Offers superior sound insulation

  • Provides a clear and panoramic view of outside

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