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Why Should You Buy From Us?

What makes us different from the others?  How can we justify our price?

Why Us?: Text

Superior VEKA UPVC Profile

VEKA is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality systems for windows & doors. Their core technologies include uPVC extrusion and VEKA revolutionary Twinson

1. Tropical Formulation

The profiles are made from special TPx formulation which makes it suitable for usage for places with extreme climate and average temperature above 22 degree C


2. Impact Testing Certification

The UPVC Profile are Class 1 certified along with other certification which implies that the profile can absorb above industry standard Impacts ensuring the integrity of the profile.

3. Thick Outer Wall

The UPVC Profile is Class B Certified which implies that the outer wall thickness ranges between 2.5 mm to 2.8 mm which is higher than other competitors.

4. European Standard EN12608

Unlike other profiles, VEKA Profile is made in accordance of European Standard which has rigorous testing and norms which ensures best quality product.

5. Maximum Whiteness

With the right amount TiO2 the VEKA Profile has the maximum Whiteness and guarantees no fading or discolouration over time.

6. Higher No. of Chambers

VEKA Profile has higher no. of structural chambers than the competitors which provides structural strength and more surface area for stronger welding. 

Why Us?: Features

Atelier's Superior Fabrication and Service

Our policy is to provide the product which offers maximum value to the customer and is worth every penny. Its not just UPVC you are buying. It comes with a lot of other components.


1. TPE Gasket

Unlike others who uses rubber gasket we use Thermo Elasto Polymer Gasket which is tear-resistant with high yield point. It thoroughly seals the window for years without any failure. 

2. Option of No bottom Arm

Don't want to step every time using the UPVC DOor. We also provide low threshold so that you and the elders can use door without every time minding their step.

3. Welded Joints

We provide and produce the most clean and strong welded joints which have superior finishing and strong structural binding. The higher no. of chamber provides larger surface area to weld.

4. Accessories and Hardware

We do not compromise on hardware and accessories as they are the mechanically moving components in the whole system. We provide the best in class Assa Abloy's Hardware. It elevates your experience and it performance provides 5 years warranty 

5. Metal Reinforcement

We do not compromise on Metal Reinforcement and provides the best in class steel to give the window and door system its structural strength.

6. Silicon Sealant

No body cares of the silicon sealant used to seal the outer boundary of the window or door. But we do care, and provide you with best silicon that gives excellent finishing and sealing

Why Us?: Features
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