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We have an exquisite range of doors ranging from casement doors to slide and fold doors. Each of the doors is made of VEKA Profile  along with best in class accessories and hardware which offers all the benefits from security to thermal & noise insulation

Your New Atelier Door is much more than the a beautifully designed portal to the outside world. It's also unequaled in strength, security and fully guaranteed to perform as well in years to come as it does today. It has easy to use locking mechanisms with a key or lever operators.

Casement Doors

Casement Door is the simplest UPVC Door that provides old school looking and functioning door overlooking the terraces and balconies or functioning as the main entrance. These are latest-generation UPVC casement doors designed specifically for larger openings and are adjoined by advanced 3D hinges at various points on the sash. Our UPVC casement doors come in a variety of colour and texture options and are made of only the best of materials in their construction.

Features and Benefit

  • Traditional Door with Sash attached through hinges

  • Amazing Design with contemporary and stylish looks

  • Broad and easily accessible openings

  • Smooth and efficient functioning with the help of advanced 3D hinges

  • Superior insulation properties against dust, rain, noise, and pollution

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic resistance

  • For enhanced security Multi-point locking mechanism is provided

Casement Door.jpg
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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors are one of the most trending doors because of the functionality it provides. The sliding door provides maximum opening, offers unhindered access and doesn’t take as much space as other doors. The functioning of sliding doors is very easy and effortless as the door glides on high quality ball bearing rollers.

Features and Benefit

  • Sliding Door which comes in 2 and 3 tracks, it just glides.

  • UPVC sliding doors also comes with mesh which provides ventilation and security and keep bugs out.

  • Sliding doors installation promises smooth functioning

  • With the help of ball bearing rollers the friction between the rollers in UPVC sliding door is negligible

  • Sliding Door come with multi-track and sash options which offers design freedom and large doors can be fabricated

  • Hurricane bars can be installed for winds with high speed and monsoon tracks for massive downpours

Sliding Door 3.jpg
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Slide and Fold Doors

Slide and Fold doors also called as Folding & Sliding doors or bi-fold doors stands out in the home as a prominent feature. They are without any doubt one of the most efficient and artistic ways to open up the spaces in your house without compromising with the any space.

In fact, the range of designs and customizable foldable sliding doors allows you to have more usable space in the room as compared to conventional door designs which are majorly used for  lounge, kitchen, or dining space.

Features and Benefit

  • Fold and Slide allows you to give partition without taking up space

  • Folding & sliding glass doors allow for more Sunlight in the room

  • It comes in various configuration like bi-fold, slide and fold

  • It takes up minimal space and can act as a foldable partition between two rooms

  • The advanced hardware and accessories make it unbelievably easy to open and close the doors.

Slide and fold 2.jpg
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Lift and Slide Doors

Our Lift and Slide System expands interior spaces and easily opens them to the outside world. It quickly integrates your interior space with its terrace balcony or garden in an elegant and practical way, leaving a spectacular living and entertaining area. It is specifically used to design large sized doors which could be operated with minimal effort. You can choose the number, dimension and function of each section based on your specific requirements.

Features and Benefit

  • Slide huge doors by simply rotating the handle and sliding the door.

  • It has superior hardware for doors with greater dimensions and smooth and easy operability

  • The lift and slide system offers easy mechanism to slide the heaviest door sash.

  • They are manufactured with best in class materials that provides value of the lift and slide doors

  • It supports several glass thicknesses.

Lift and slide 2.jpg
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