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VEKA Profile Series

Top Seller

Atelier range of products is offered in various types of VEKA series - I60, I64 and I75. Depending on wind load, design requirements, the size of the aperture, insulation requirement and aesthetic value you can select the series most suitable for your needs.

Casement Series

I60 SERIES: 60mm 

Complete Casement solution for your home, office or commercial project. Rounded edged profiles gives a heritage feel to the entire system. 60mmm with 5 chambers makes I60 SERIES a very modern and strong system with high Thermal and Accousitc performances with glass thickness upto 44mm thick. Uf of 1.3W/m2K makes the I60 a value proposition for Green Buildings, Hotels, commercial offices as well as homes.
The maximum size feasible for the system is:
Window Sash: 750X1800mm
Door Sash: 1100X2400mm


I39 Series: 39mm 

I39 System is designed in 2 Chambers with a 39 mm frame width and 2 gaskets. Use of TPE gaskets allows the system to be effectively corner welded, providing a strong level of insulation.

I39 System has a special inclined design that speeds up water discharge. The system makes it possible to produce special types of windows such as folding doors, parallel sliding, and outward opening etc.

Doors in Max can be outward or inward opening. Multi-point locking with special reinforcement for the Hinges makes them perform better with heavier glasses. It is a cost effective solution for small window sizes


The maximum size feasible for the system is:

Window Sash: 600X600mm


Sliding Series

I64 series: 64mm, 116mm

The I64 Sliding is a true Legend amongst sliding systems combining functionality of sliding with tightness of casement together as one. Lesser components and faster production makes the I64 a favourite amongst Window Producers. It’s unqiue Shift and Slide with assisted locking mechanism offers excellent water tightness, air tightness and wind resistance. The 64mm shutter with 5 chambers allows glasses upto 24mm thickness which enhances its thermal insulation properties.


I60 Sliding Series

I60 Sliding is a complete and economical system for projects – high or mid-rise Buildings. Mono, Double or Triple rail frames with the possibility of multiple shutters. In addition I60 has a Bug Screen Track for Double Rail in-built as a single profile or a clip-on solution for the Mono and Triple Rail frames. A slim 58mm Window Sash for those small windows with the possibility of Touch Lock or Crescent Lock options. A mid range 65mm Window/Door Sash makes it very competitive for Low and Mid-rise Buildings. An additional 75mm Door Sash completes the system for real High Rise or Strong cyclonic Wind conditions. The triple sliding system comes with a thickness of 108mm.

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