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UPVC stands for un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is a material which is used for making windows and doors which is superior to aluminium, steel and timber systems. uPVC is hard and rigid unlike the PVC used for manufacturing Pipes and other softer material.

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How UPVC is Made?

By adding modifiers and stabilisers to PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) uPVC is prepared with an unique formulation, thus making it structurally and chemically rigid for the use of window frames and doors.

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Stabilisers are added to make the UPVC thermally stable and prevents degradation from Ultra Violet Rays and change in temperature. It ensures the longevity of the material and stabilised colour and structral integrity.

Processing Aid

These acrylic based materials are generally the ones which enhance the melting strength during the fusion process. It contributes to smooth extrusion of the profile with uniform cross section.

Impact Modifier

Acrylic based impact modifiers are used to retain their strength even after getting exposed to UV radiation or at low temperatures.


The use of these addictive is to ease the process-ability of PVC in the extrusion process which ensures smooth surface of highest and consistent quality.

Pigments — Titanium Di-Oxide

Titanium Dioxide is an expensive material which is used as a white pigment, imparting natural white colour and provides the necessary UV stability for the product to have durability over years of usage


Fillers are inorganic minerals (like calcium carbonate) as fine particles homogenized in the PVC blend. The padding affects the mechanical properties (such as tensile strength, elongation and impact strength), shrinkage and cost.

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Components of UPVC Window & Door

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UPVC Profile

VEKA profiles are designed to be versatile, combining the many sash profiles, frame profiles and mullions to create the right product for you.

Reinforcement Metal Sheet

Specially designed galvanised steel reinforcement provides strength to withstand wind pressure and ensures structural integrity.

TPE Gasket

VEKA has developed an innovative and recyclable TPE gasket whichprovide the best available sealing system that minimizes air, water and sound infiltration.


Being a large part of your building envelope, glass is an important element in your home. Effective insulation from sound and heat is largely dependent on good glass choices.


Accessories consists of handles and hardware to provide easy operability and security to all opening types and sizes.

What is UPVC?: List

UPVC Key Features

Thermal Insulation

UPVC has the property to provide thermal insulation acting as a barrier between the outside and the inside. The gasket and glass provide complete insulation, not letting the warm temperature to penetrate the window and door.

Sound Insulation

UPVC Windows and Doors provides a tight seal with the help of silicon sealant and TPE gasket. This unables the sound wave to penetrate and reduces upto 40db of noise assuring you peaceful and quite sleep.

Water Resistant

UPVC Windows and Doors does not allow the water to penetrate or leak through the window or door. The built-in drainage system and tight seals assures water to remain outside of the home.

UV Resistant

The special additives in the UPVC formulae provides UV resistance. This protects the color of the UPVC to fade and hence requiring zero maintenance.

High Security

The combination of steel reinforcements, grills and security glass, UPVC Windows and Doors provides high security. The frame is so strongly fixed into the wall that it is nearly impossible to break without breaking the wall.

Fire Retardant

UPVC has the chemical property to act as a fire retardant and discourage the fire from further spreading. The special additives in the UPVC formula increases the burning temperature of the material and do not produce violent flames.

Dust Resistant

UPVC Windows and Doors provide a seal between the exterior and interior of the house. The Silicon sealant and gasket unables the dust to enter the house thus keeping the house clea.

Zero maintenance

It takes only a damp cloth to clean up a UPVC Windows and Doors. There is no requirement of polish or paint ever. The high-quality hardware assures smooth running through the life of the window or door.

Every UPVC Windows and Doors manufacturer provides these features

What is UPVC?: List
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