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Welcome to Atelier

For people looking for elegant and premium windows and doors, Atelier provides design, fabrication & installation of high-quality UPVC  windows & doors by providing innovative and modern designs. 

About Us

Atelier is a product brand of Rajdhani Timber Traders Group which has more than 30 years of expertise and experience in the manufacturing of Doors and Windows. We are a Windows and Doors Fabricator based in Delhi NCR across Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. 

Atelier brings to you an array of designs for sliding, casement, lift & slide, folding UPVC doors and windows. Veka Profile guarantees dependence and quality with unmatched performance.


UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride which is a processed form of PVC. UPVC has been chemically engineered to provide excellent performance and durability. UPVC along with steel reinforcements and other fixtures assures zero maintenance, sound insulation, thermal efficiency, fire retardance, long-lasting and great value for money.



Atelier UPVC  Windows System is fabricated using the latest technology to provide an unparallel level of thermal and sound insulation, achieving the highest quality standard promised. Click to explore more about the various types of Window systems offered.



Atelier UPVC  Door Systems are available with plethora of designs and option which perfectly fits the beautiful architecture of your building. The durable structure and elegant aesthetic of the Door system provide a product that can be used for a lifetime. Click to explore more about the various types of Door systems offered.

How to Purchase UPVC Windows & Doors

4 Steps and it is done. This is how simple it is. Just sit back and relax. 

1. Design Requirement

Provide the design requirement or the architect drawings to our consultant

3. Final Measurement

Once Quotation is accepted, the final measurement of the door and window is taken

2. Quotation

We provide you with the quotation of the project

4. Installation

After the notified time we bring the finished product to the site and install it within no time

The Pricing depends upon various variables from size, type of glass to the design. For the pricing kindly get in touch with us.

UPVC Key Features

Thermal Insulation

UPVC has the property to provide thermal insulation acting as a barrier between the outside and the inside. The gasket and glass provide complete insulation, not letting the warm temperature to penetrate the window and door.

Sound Insulation

UPVC Windows and Doors provides a tight seal with the help of silicon sealant and TPE gasket. This unables the sound wave to penetrate and reduces upto 40db of noise assuring you peaceful and quite sleep.

Water Resistant

UPVC Windows and Doors does not allow the water to penetrate or leak through the window or door. The built-in drainage system and tight seals assures water to remain outside of the home.

UV Resistant

The special additives in the UPVC formulae provides UV resistance. This protects the color of the UPVC to fade and hence requiring zero maintenance.

High Security

The combination of steel reinforcements, grills and security glass, UPVC Windows and Doors provides high security. The frame is so strongly fixed into the wall that it is nearly impossible to break without breaking the wall.

Fire Retardant

UPVC has the chemical property to act as a fire retardant and discourage the fire from further spreading. The special additives in the UPVC formula increases the burning temperature of the material and do not produce violent flames.

Dust Resistant

UPVC Windows and Doors provide a seal between the exterior and interior of the house. The Silicon sealant and gasket unables the dust to enter the house thus keeping the house clea.

Zero maintenance

It takes only a damp cloth to clean up a UPVC Windows and Doors. There is no requirement of polish or paint ever. The high-quality hardware assures smooth running through the life of the window or door.

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